Tamil Language Council

Tamil Language Council was formed in 2000 under the auspices of the Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts (MICA).

The objectives of the Council are to promote the awareness and greater use of Tamil language among Indian Singaporeans; to popularise the Tamil Language, particularly among the young; to work with government, educational institutions, social organisations and individuals to achieve the objectives. This is so that activities are accessible and as many people as possible can participate in such programmes.

The Council also spearheads the annual Tamil Language Festival. Started in 2007, the Festival is conducted in partnership with key Indian organizations and has emerged as a key event in the calendar of community events among the Tamil speaking community in Singapore.

The logo is based on the first Tamil alphabet அ. It is drawn in an artistic manner and symbolises the objective of promoting the Tamil language. The square shapes on the right symbolises modern technology that is used to promote the usage of Tamil currently. The two features together highlight the Council’s efforts to promote the language by merging the traditional and new facets of Tamil.

Tamil Language Learning Promotion Committee

The Tamil Language Learning and Promotion Committee (TLLPC) was set up in February 2006 by the Ministry of Education (MOE) to elicit support of Tamil community organisations in organising activities to promote the use of Tamil and support the teaching and learning of the language in schools.

‘The vision for Tamil Language in Singapore is for Tamil to be a living language among future generations of Tamil Singaporeans, and a vibrant part of Singapore’s identity as a multicultural, global city.’ For this vision to materialise and to ensure that Tamil continues to be a living language in Singapore, the Tamil community organisations, the media, Institutes of Higher Learning and schools are collaborating to promote the use of the language. This would help to broaden the language environment and enthuse students in learning the Tamil Language, beyond school.

Since its formation, all 5 working groups focusing on the promotion of Spoken Tamil, enhancement of reading, language and literary activities and immersion programmes respectively have successfully organised a series of programmes and activities to promote the use of Tamil amongst students in schools and community at large. In particular, all these programmes are aimed to promote the use of Spoken Tamil and inculcate interest and appreciation for Tamil Language, Literature and Culture among the young.

For Tamil to be a living language in generations to come each and everyone of us has a part to play. With the concerted effort of home, schools and community our vision for the language will be realised.

About Tamil Language Festival

The Tamil Language Festival is spearheaded by the Tamil Language Council which was formed in 2000 under the auspices of MICA. It comprises representatives from the education sector, major community organisations, arts groups and the media. The Council has organised the Festival since 2007 with partner organisations marking it a major event in their organisational calendar. There has also been a growing interest in organisations wanting to be part of the festival.

A key partner for the Tamil Language Festival is MOE’s Tamil Language and Learning Promotion Committee (TLLPC). Set up in 2006. TLLPC’s strategic focus is to promote the speaking and learning of Tamil among students.


23 March 2014

Pre-publicity event at Little India for Tamil Language Festival

29 March 2014

Launch of Tamil Language Festival 2014

26 July 2014

Announcement of winners for Artefactually Speaking Tamil Writing Competition